Plastic Resale is a Free of Charge online platform specially developed for the Plastic Industry.

The platform enables companies in the plastics industry to sell and buy slow moving stock materials.

New materials, recycled materials and production waste.

It takes just a few click to register your company.

Immediately after registration you can continue to upload products and/or contact companies who already have uploaded interesting products.

Contact between companies will be direct and without restrictions or fees.

All kind of Plastic related products can be uploaded to the Marketplace. Virgin materials, Recycled materials, colors and additives but also plastic production waste.

Everything will be easily available from the Marketplace.

Using the Marketplace is simple, quick and effective. It enables you to make significant savings and reduce stock write-downs values to a minimum.

Together with the Plastic Industry you can contribute to the sustainable trend by joining the Plastic Resale network.

www. plasticresale.com is operated and sponsored by Plastcom A/S, a Danish raw materials supplier since 1992. Address: Møllevej 9T 1TV, DK-2990 Nivå; CVR (Central Business Registry) number DK-20456140).


How to use Plastic Resale

The essential part of the Plastic Resale Platform is the Marketplace.

You need to register before you can upload products or view the contact details for products on the Marketplace.

To register on Plastic Resale Platform requires an absolute minimum of information.

The information required is needed so that purchaser and vendor subsequently can communicate by E-mail or phone.

The following details are mandatory:

Company name, Contact person, Phone number, E-mail, Country, City.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to create a password.


Immediately after registration you can start uploading your products to the Marketplace.

Press "Add a new product" and just fill in the drop-down menus.

You can attach datasheets, COA and photos to describe your products in detail.

Press "Save" and your product will be visible at the Marketplace.


In order to view product specifications and contact information’s just click the item of interest.


The subsequent contact and trade take place directly between the two registered users.

Plastic Resale Platform takes no part or responsibility of the trade between companies on the website.


When a sale is completed, the selling company just delete the product from the marketplace by returning to the Profile and erase the product. 

Any product can remain on the Marketplace until deleted by the product owner.

Plastcom and Plastic Resale Platform bear no obligations or liability for any transaction made by parties on the website.


What is the cost by using the Plastic Resale Platform?

The Plastic Resale Platform is free for use.

It is operated and sponsored by Plastcom A/S.


Plastic Resale’s liability

Plastic Resale Platform is not involved in the legal transaction between purchaser and vendor.

Plastic Resale Platform’s exclusively function is to facilitate an online Marketplace in order to support the sustainable trend in the Plastic Industry by reducing material waste and minimizing the environmental impact on our surroundings.

Plastic Resale Platform is unable to verify or warrant the authenticity of products and accepts no liability for physical or financial circumstances relating to products on the Marketplace.

Users are solely responsible for the quality and correctness of product details uploaded and of user profiles.

Consequently, Plastic Resale Platform expressly disclaims, to the extent permitted by law, all warranties and conditions, express or implicit, including those as to quality, merchantability, commercial quality, durability, purity, fitness for a particular purpose and those derived from law. We are not liable for losses, whether of money, goodwill or reputation, consequent on the use of the Plastic Resale Platform.

You agree not to copy or distribute our web portal or its contents.



The Plastic Resale Platform, brand and copyrights may not be copied, changed or distributed without our consent.

By creating a Company profile on the Plastic Resale Platform, you allow and confirm that Plastic Resale Platform has the right to reveal the actual products with the purpose of being sold.

Plastic Resale Platform has the incontestable wright to exclude companies and their products if any reasonable doubt might emerge regarding fair and honest trade behavior or any neglect of keeping the company profile and product upload up to date.

Complaints procedure

Should you have any complaints or comments about Plastic Resale Platform, please contact us at [email protected]


Personal data policy

Plastic Resale Platform stores company profile together with its associated contact person, phone number and E-mail address for the only purpose of facilitating contact between users of the Platform.

No Company data will be passed on to third party.