The idea

The basic idea of the Plastic Resale Platform is to facilitate a unique network for the entire plastic industry in the Nordic countries and northern Europe.

Most companies have high valuable materials in stock which might be difficult to find purpose for in the existing production.

Some of these materials even ends up on the landfill or waste stations.

By joining the Plastic Resale Platform, your company will be able to find a sustainable solution for these kind of products - and even experience a good economy.

Your company can upload and sell products that might be unneeded or slow moving.

At the same time it gives your company the possibility to purchase other companies left over materials which might suit your production.

Products might be virgin polymers, scrap, additives, colors or any kind of plastic production waste.

By creating a company profile on the Plastic Resale Platform, your company can look forward saving money, by selling outdated plastic lots or by buying excellent material at reduced prices.


How does it work?

The core of the Platform is the Marketplace.

At the Marketplace you easily get an overview of all the materials that have been uploaded, sorted by material, form, type and color. Quantities and prices are also displayed.

This is an open feature of the Marketplace, visible to all visitors, and you do not need to register to view this basic information.

If you would like to upload some of your own products, or if you would like to contact a company to buy some material, you will need to register.

After registration, you can freely upload materials and/or contact sellers direct, without further formalities.


How to get started

Click "Register" in the top right-hand corner, and you will be directed to the Register New User form.

Fill in the simple Company information and press the "Create/Save" button. You are now a member of the Plastic Resale Platform.



After registration you will be redirected automatically to the Marketplace.

Here you will be able to view all products and contact details of the selling company, with no restrictions whatsoever.

You can also upload your own products, and these will be visible on the Marketplace immediately. You can choose to add pictures, datasheets, certificates etc. if you would like to describe your product in detail.


Get information of new uploads

After your registration you can use the platform fully.

You can choose to have Email notifications when new materials of special interest are being available on the marketplace.

Under your profile press “Configure notifications”.

Now tag materials of interest – and you will be notified whenever such materials are uploaded.

You can easily deactivate this feature under your Profile – Configure notifications




The Plastic Resale Platform is free for all users.

The development and operations are sponsored by Plastcom A/S


How to upload a product to the Marketplace

As soon as you have created your profile, you can upload any materials to the Marketplace.

Just click "ADD A NEW PRODUCT” and fill in the drop-down menus.

You can add datasheets, pictures and other relevant files to your product.

After filling in the form, please press the "SAVE" button, and the product will instantly be uploaded to the Marketplace.


Deleting a product from the Marketplace

It is very easy to delete products that have been sold.

Just log in and enter your profile.

On your profile page, you can edit all your products by clicking the pen icon or erase your products by clicking the garbage bin icon.


When is a product visible on the Marketplace?

Immediately after uploading your product to the Marketplace, it will be visible to everyone.


Edit profile

By clicking the "Profile" at the top right-hand corner, you can edit your data. You can edit your profile, and also edit/add/delete/change any products you have uploaded to the Marketplace.


Search functions

On the Marketplace, you can search and sort products in many ways. Just enter the search function or click and choose the material, type, form or color in the drop-down menus.


Buying products

Once registered, just click anywhere on the product line of your interest, and you will be redirected straight to the seller’s contact profile. Here, you will find product details and contact data for direct dialogue between seller and buyer.


I’ve just sold my product… Now what?

When a product is no longer available, it is your responsibility to make sure the product is deleted from the Marketplace.

Return to your profile page and simply delete the product by clicking on the garbage bin icon.